Thoroughbred Oak

If you have ever had the opportunity to drive around the outskirts of thoroughbred horse country, you find yourself gazing into the seemingly endless pastures where top breed race horses graze. Enclosing these beautiful horses are miles and miles of red and white oak fencing. Poplar is too soft, and the horses chew right through it, and pine has too many resins, but oak is hard enough to stand the test of the weather and the tooth of the horse.
Unfortunately, this material typically outlives its life on the fence row somewhere around twenty years. At that point it is time for a new fence. For the typical fence, approximately one to two acres worth of trees are consumed to produce 1 mile of fencing, which equals about two complete semi-truck loads of lumber. The replacement of these fences results in a large quantity of great lumber typically of no use to the farm owner. Much to the surprise of most owners, we offer to purchase the used boards rather than them disposing of it at the landfill. Our use of these boards quickly turns into an environmental and logical win/win.
In order to negate the environmental gluttony of this great natural resource, Many Moons upcycles this great mix of red and white oak into a beautiful and sustainable flooring product. Your purchase not only helps to support further diminishing our woodlands, but keeps untold tons of great wood from entering the waste stream. This floor is offered in a 4.5″ face x 3/4″ thick, and comes in random lengths from 24″ – 84″. Enjoy doing your part for the environment while adding horse farm charm to your home or business with this great floor. As with all of our floors, we can prefinish this flooring with a low VOC commercial grade finish to minimize the impact of installation on your environment.